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IV Floor Stand Accessories

 Made in U.S.A.


300 Bottle Holder Loop                                                          Optional Base
Shorter loop allows easy installation
    of bottle when mast is raised.
  Five leg cast aluminum base with a durable black powder coating
No. 5058-7C
Gas Cylinder Holder Size E

  Holds one E size cylinder securely




                No. 5058-7B
        Infusion Pump Bracket
Color Coding of
Friction Collar
Holds two infusion pumps in desired position. Collar gives proper identification to specific
 areas throughout the hospital.
Infusion Pump Bracket clamps securely to Phelan I.V. Floor Stand. Colors available - Blue, Natural, Green,
Red, Gold, and Black.
Constructed to have the weight of the pump centered over the base to add stability.  
Support arms are constructed of 1" diameter, heavy gauge, anodized aluminum tubing.  
Height - 16"
Width - 13" (overall)