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Ceiling Mounted
I.V. Bottle Holder
With rectangular track and removable pendant

 Made in U.S.A.

No. 5058-4
Bottle Holder with
Rectangular Track
Ceiling Mounted I.V. Bottle Holder 5058-4C
For use in any room where I.V. solutions are needed. Pendant interchangeable between track and ceiling plate.
Moves on a track to allow intravenous infusions at head or foot.
Height of bottle can be easily adjusted for correct hydrostatic pressure to within 8" of ceiling by pulling the bead chain.
I.V. tube follows most direct and interference-free path to patient.
Two pendants in one track will allow two containers in use on one pendant and two containers held in reserve on the second.
Additional lengths of track are available up to 21 feet. Track connectors are available for lengths longer than 21 feet.
NOTE: Not recommended for use with heavy bottles. We suggest a second pendant or our Bottle Holder for Irrigating Solutions.
No. 5058-4C
Ceiling Plate
Ceiling Plate 5058-4C
The stationary ceiling plate offers an opportunity for economical installation in every room or ward for quick set-up of I.V. applications. In this way, one pendant may be transferred to serve more than one room.