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      Ceiling Mounted Four Bottle
      Irrigating Solution Holder

 Made in U.S.A.

When ordering, be sure to specify ceiling height.
No. 5058-5
Ideal for the handling and use of urology and arthroscopy irrigating containers.
An endless bead chain is the means for raising and lowering the bar with 4 hooks on which the bottles are hung. May be operated from either side.
Sufficient chain will be furnished according to the height of the ceiling on which the unit will be mounted.
The differential pulley principle used in this equipment makes it possible to maintain position at any desired height.
The bottles may be raised to within one foot of the ceiling.
The carriage moves easily in a ceiling mounted rack.
Other continuous lengths of track available up to 21 feet.
Product No.
Height Adjustment
5'6" from floor to 12" off ceiling
Weight Capacity
40 lbs. or four 4,000 cc bottles
Weight vs. Pull Ratio
3.33 to 1
Track Length
6 ft
Track Wt. Capacity
50 lbs.
Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Shipping Weight
20 lbs.


Ceiling Mounted Four Bottle Irrigating Solution Holder 5058-5