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                                                                                                                                                            Arm and Leg Guard

 Made in U.S.A.


No. 5058-67A Curved Stainless
Helps protect patient's arm during surgical procedures.
Simple and easy to use. Base of Arm Guard is placed underneath operating table pad.
Arm Guard diameter is 5-1/2" to position comfortably around patients arm.

5058-67A Curved Stainless

No. 5058-67B Curved Plastic
Patient's arm can be viewed to monitor I.V. solutions.
Non-conductive, polycarbonate plastic construction.
Smooth edges to provide extra patient comfort.


5058-67B Curved Plastic
















No. 5058-67D Leg Guard
The same features as 5058-67B except for larger height and width to accommodate the leg.






5058-67B Curved Plastic Arm Guard in use


Product No. 5058- 67A 5058 -67B 5058-67C 5058-67D
Description Curved Stainless Arm Curved Plastic Arm L-Shaped Stainless Arm Curved Plastic Leg
Height 5-1/2" 7" 6" 10"
Length 18-1/4" 18" 8-1/2" 22-1/2"
Width 11" 11" 11" 12"
Base 15-1/2" 15" 8-1/2" 18"
Material 16 gauge Stainless Steel 3/16" non-conductive Polycarbonate Plastic 16 gauge Stainless Steel 3/16" non-conductive Polycarbonate Plastic
Shipping Weight 6 lbs. 3 lbs. 5 lbs. 4 lbs.